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Manfred has had a rough life, but is finally safe and getting the care he needs. We don’t know his full back story since he came to us as a senior but sadly his medical records indicate significant neglect and issues consistent with abuse.

Manfred was turned into a rural Texas animal control agency as a “feral” (unfriendly) cat and spent over a month with little-to-no human interaction. Houston Cares pulled Manfred and several other cats from the shelter with plans to spay/neuter and move them to a friendly farm that was taking in feral cats. As soon as we had him in our care, however, it was clear he was not feral at all. He was so calm and loving that all of the veterinarians who have met him have remarked on his sweet demeanor. We can only assume that the shelter that took him in saw his rough state–matted fur, underweight, scars around his neck–and assumed he was a mean fighter. They could not have been more wrong.

Manfred had long-term ear infections that resulted in a permanent fold in one ear, but his ears are now clear! He is low vision and also recently went through a surgery to remove many painfully cracked and broken teeth. Despite all of this, Manfred remains sweet and loving. Your support of Manfred will mean he never has to worry about being alone and afraid again.


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