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Picante’s name was given to him because he was a little spicy at first! He sometimes hisses when he meets new people or is scared, but he is actually just extremely scared and shy. Picante was born and lived the first several months of his life  in a rotting, old, abandoned house with no outdoor access. He and the other cats who lived there were infested with fleas and had other parasites.

Picante is now completely healthy but he is still scared because of his early life. He is actually a cuddle bug and loves being held! He will start to purr very loud when someone pets him. He will need a home and family who will give him love and patience and not expect him to become a social butterfly. Picante and other timid cats need homes like every cat, but they don’t get adopted as quickly.

Your support of Picante means that he will be cared for and loved until the perfect family is willing to accept and love Picante for who he is.


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