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Meet Odin! This sweet, playful little 'god of thunder' is regal, courageous, and curious. Odin can be a little shy at first but then is very affectionate once you gain his trust. He follows his foster momma all around, loves to cuddle, and meal times are his favorite times. He's good with dogs and other cats, but would also be good as an only pet.

Odin was born with 2 holes in his heart, and has had several visits to a veterinary cardiologist. His heart is so special he took part in a non-invasive research study at Texas A&M! Odin’s heart condition is permanent but thankfully he stays healthy with daily medication. He may have a shorter life than some cats but cardiologists could not say for sure.

Odin is a special boy and Houston Cares is happy we can offer him a safe foster home until his permanent home comes around. Until then, your support helps us care for this special boy!


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