Sponsorship Program


Eshma was one of several very lucky cats to be pulled by Houston Cares from a high-kill shelter in rural Texas. Houston Cares does not do this often, but the shelter was about to euthanize over a dozen cats and the rescue had fosters available to help them. Many of the cats pulled were due to be euthanized because they were timid and not as "adoptable" as other cats. Eshma was one of those cats. She is extremely sweet and gentle but needs time to know you are a safe person before opening up. While she is in a safe environment now, Eshma deserves a permanent home where she can be herself and not move around as much (she has had 3 foster homes, through no fault of her own--other cats picked on her in one foster home and one of her fosters had to move suddenly). Houston Cares knows that Eshma may be with us a while since she needs a special, patient adopter. Can you help cover the cost of her monthly flea medication, general vetting, food, and litter so we can keep her sage until that adopter comes along?


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